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Fat Loss: Is It Really As Simple As Calories In, Calories Out?

If you’ve been around long enough, you’ve surely heard that when it comes to losing some unsightly body fat, it really boils down to calories in, calories out.

This means if the number of calories you burn is greater than you number of calories you ingest on a regular basis, your body will result to utilizing stored body fat as a means for energy production. When this happens, you start to look a little sexier and feel better about yourself. So simple!

Seeing as how you now know the golden rule about fat loss, does this mean you can nutritionally run amuck, eating anything you want as long as portion sizes are appropriate? Not quite, champ. While you will lose weight by adhering to the ‘total calories matters most’ rule, this doesn’t mean you can just eat whatever the hell you feel like it as long as total calories are kept in check.

There are a few things to consider about how your body responds to certain foods and what it actually does with a calorie once it’s eaten. So before you dive into that deep fried Oreo sandwich because “it fits your macros”, consider the following factors when it comes to burning fat while simultaneously feeling awesome.

Inflammation = bad for fat loss.

In-flame (verb): to set on fire.