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Why You’re Not Burning Fat: Troubleshooting Your Workouts

Hit a plateau with your fat loss efforts? Well, it may be time to go back to the drawing board to figure out where you can make some tweaks in order to bust out of your funk.

While this article will be geared specifically towards what you’re doing in your workouts, there are plenty of other factors that can be affecting fat loss. Diet, for example, is a HUMONGOUS reason why you may not be shedding fat like you’d like. Give this article a read if you feel diet may be holding you back.

But if you feel your diet is locked in, let’s talk about how you train. After all, working out is a big component of fat loss. But sometimes your approach needs to be tweaked so you can start seeing better results. Let’s dive into them, eh?

Are you active enough outside of your workouts?

Non exercise activity thermogenesis is a fancy way of saying ‘the calories you burn when you’re not actively exercising’. This includes talking, walking, sleeping, and yes, reading this post right now. Your body is constantly burning calories… but how many calories you burn is reliant on how active you are throughout the day.