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Online Workout

Online Training

Interested in personal training but can’t make it to the facility? No worries! Our online personal training option allows us to create a customized training program based on your needs, goals, and equipment.  Fill out an application to see if online training is a good fit for you.

Once your application has been reviewed by our coaches, we will contact you and let you know if online training with us would be a good fit for you and your fitness goals.

  • 30-minute video chat consultation to address how to best reach your goals

  • Custom program design based on a video movement screen, space, time, and equipment available to you

    • Video movement screen: This simple movement screen will help us get an idea for how well you move so we can write the best program tailored to your specific needs

  • Weekly email check in to address questions or concerns with the program

  • 15-minute bi-weekly phone call or video conference call to address any and all issues affecting your goals (training, diet, sleep, stress, etc)

  • 2-4x week training program design

  • Programs include a dynamic warmup, as well as video demonstrations

  • Access to our Members Only site

  • $139-$199 per month

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