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Personal Training

Small Group Personal Training

GRIT Fitness and Performance above all else, is a business that truly cares about its clients. The phrase “no one cares how much you know until they know how much you care” resonates with us big time. With a 4:1 client to coach ratio for our small group personal training, we’re able to give clients the individual attention they need while simultaneously building meaningful relationships that lead to long-term trust and accountability. This type of rapport leads to a constantly evolving approach to your training, adapting to and overcoming any setbacks life may (and probably will) throw at you.


Unlike big box gyms which can see hundreds, if not thousands of clients on a daily basis, our Cherry Hill, New Jersey facility offers a smaller, more intimate training environment. As a result. we’re able to establish a unique culture among our clients which centers around the philosophies and principles that we believe drive long-lasting success. This allows for trainers and clients to share a like-minded approach to their health and fitness goals, which ultimately enhances long-lasting results.


GRIT’s approach to your health is multi-faceted. While the main focus of many gym-goers is centered around weight loss, there are so many other vital health markers that need to be addressed if clients are truly trying to live their best lives possible.

  • Can you move and control your joints through their full ranges of motion?

  • Is your body composition, not weight, at an ideal range for your age and gender?

  • Are you prioritizing the methods of exercise that deliver the most bang for your buck?

  • Are you strong relative to your body weight?

  • Are you sleeping the way you should be?

  • Are you managing all forms of stress appropriately?

  • Do your eating habits reflect your specific goals?

  • Is your exercise tailored to YOUR goals, YOUR specific needs, and YOUR abilities?

  • Are you on a path that will allow you to live a fulfilling, pain-free life?


There are numerous factors that contribute to helping you achieve the absolute best results possible. Working out simply because you want to break a sweat is like going for a drive without a destination. It gives you something to do, but without knowing your specific destination, you’ll never know when you get there.


GRIT is all about creating strong humans that move well, feel good, and, well… look good naked (come on now, we all want that). Our training methods are all about having you feel better leaving our facility than you did walking into it. Our guiding principles are all about making you resilient beyond your expectations… so when life throws a bunch of BS at you (and it will), you can not only handle it but dominate it.


So on behalf of Matt, Chris, and our growing GRIT family, we invite you to come experience training on how it should be done.


Our small group personal training memberships range from $27-45 per session.


GRIT Fitness and Performance was founded in 2019 by Matt Emmons and Chris Sanchez in Cherry Hill, New Jersey.

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