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Knees Hurt During Your Workouts? Try This

Updated: Mar 31, 2022

Some people can squat, lunge, and do all sorts of activities without any issues from their knees. Other folks perform just a few partial squats and their knees, well, have a reaction like this.

And it can be extremely frustrating, especially if knee pain just kinda crept up on you without any rhyme or reason. But alas, there is hope for all you knee pain sufferers. Assuming you haven’t experienced some sort of knee injury in the past, there are ways to help remedy that annoying knee discomfort that’s sucking the quality of life right out of you.

Foam rolling

Often when you experience knee pain, it’s because certain muscles are a bit tighter than they should be. This tightness, in turn, pulls on joints with somewhat unnecessary force when they’re called into action. This is essentially what happens when muscles and tendons that attach to the knee cap develop tightness.

This can occur because of weakness, inactivity, prior injuries, a sedentary lifestyle, or a combination of these factors. So the first step towards clearing yourself of knee pain is to give your thighs, groin, calves, and feet some love in the form of a foam roller.