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A Simple But Sinister At Home Core Workout

Well… we’re still on lockdown for the most part.

As the restrictions put in place due to the COVID pandemic are slowly being lifted, there’s still a large portion of people who are stuck at home. And while we all eagerly await the day where we can utilize fitness facilities and equipment, for the mean time we’re still forced to use what we have at home… which is fairly limited for most folks.

So use this simple but sinister core routine to give yourself a quick and effective core workout right from the comfort of your living room.

What makes this core routine so effective?

You have to realize that effective core training is all about ANTI movement, or preventing the spine from moving when it shouldn’t be. Your core is meant to stabilize the trunk so it can transmit force produced by the limbs to its intended output. When your core can’t stop the spine from moving, you “leak” energy which negatively affects your performance, but more importantly puts you at risk for injury.

This means you want your core exercises to resist extension of the spine (allowing an arch in your low back), rotation of the spine, and lateral flexion of the spine. Crunches and side bends are sooooo 1992.