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3 Insanely Easy Ways To Preserve Your Health

It’s common for a lot of people out there to think you need to dedicate a ton of time in the gym in order to help improve or preserve your health. While dedicated exercise sessions can indeed take up to 60 minutes, there are several less time consuming things you can do on a daily basis to supplement your existing training routine.

#1 Stand on one leg while you brush your teeth.

As long as you (hopefully) brush your teeth every day, this little trick is an absurdly easy way to help preserve hip and knee health. And here’s why.

When you’re in a unilateral stance, different muscles at your hip and core not normally very active in a bilateral stance need to fire in order to keep your pelvis and femur (thigh bone) aligned and stable. Standing on one leg is not hard in the same sense that a heavy squat would be, but it does require smaller stabilizing muscles to fire and put in their share of work.