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4 Ways To Better Yourself In 2019

2019 is nearly upon us and surely many of you have goals and resolutions to better yourself for the upcoming year. Well we’re here to help! Here are 4 ways to help transform you into the most badass version of yourself in the next 365 days.

#1 Workout first thing in the morning.

Obviously this comes down to your personal schedule, but if you have the chance for a workout to be the first thing you do, take that opportunity!

Early morning training sessions will do several things for you. First, it will replace your morning cup of coffee in the sense that it will definitely wake your ass up. Nothing rids your body of early morning grogginess quite like a solid training session will. Of course, feel free to drink coffee after this 🙂

Secondly, many of you out there probably think working out first thing in the morning sounds awful. But now by comparison, the rest of your day will probably seem a bit more doable. You just worked your ass off with 4 sets of heavy squats and some bike sprints… how hard could responding to emails be? This is the same line of thinking when it comes to changing habits for the better. When you attack your biggest problem first, all other habit changes seem way more attainable.

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And lastly, morning workouts will actually increase your chances for dietary success and compliance for the rest of the day. The last thing you’ll wanna do after spending a decent chunk of time exercising is ruin your hard work by scarfing down two donuts for breakfast. Your mindset will shift towards one of success and chances are you’ll reach for something a bit more nourishing, like eggs or a homemade protein shake (vanilla whey, spinach, mixed frozen berries, and some fish oil capsules on the side, perhaps?)

#2 Practice gratitude.

This might seem like an odd thing to do, but many of the most successful people in the world (Tony Robbins, Tim Ferriss, etc.) practice gratitude journaling in their daily routines. It doesn’t have to be a complicated or lengthy process either.

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Every morning, write down things you’re grateful for. A simple template could look something like this:

  1. 3 things you’re grateful for right now (this delicious coffee, my warm slippers, nice sunrise, etc)

  2. 3 small victories you had yesterday

  3. 3 negative things that will lead to positive outcomes or 3 lessons you’ve learned from negative occurrences

  4. 3 people you’re grateful to have in your life

  5. Literally anything else you can think of

Taking a step back and acknowledging how great your life is right now is a fantastic way to gain some perspective and make you realize how good you truly have it. Doing this first thing in the morning can shift you towards a positive mindset which can positively affect your decision making abilities, improve your mood, and set you up to have an incredible day going forward.

#3 Read.

Listen to any interview about success and reading will without a doubt be one of the main reasons why successful people got to where they are today. Reading is the ultimate and easiest way to learn and better yourself in any category you want. Finance, exercise, cooking, self-help, automotive, history…. doesn’t matter! There’s a reason the saying ‘learn more, earn more’ is such a popular phrase among the top 1% earners in the nation. Some of the most successful people in the world have been known to read as many as two books every week.

“Successful people have libraries. The rest of us have big screen TV’s.” – Jim Rohn (American entrepreneur, author, motivational speaker. Net worth $500 million)

Now you don’t have to read that much, but definitely look to start doing some form of reading if you don’t already. The best way to develop a reading habit is to start small. Start off by reading 5 minutes per day. Just 5. Once you can string together several consecutive days of this, increase it to 7 minutes. Then 10. Next 12. Then 15….

Before you know it, reading will become a habit just like exercising is. And you’ll be such a better person because of it. We GUARANTEE it.

#3a “I hate reading”

Well lucky for you, there are ways for you to ‘read’ even if you hate it.

Do you drive a car regularly? Do you own a smart phone? Well then, audiobooks sound like a solid fit for you. If you can sit and listen while you commute to work, you can still ‘read’. There’s also precisely 498 quality podcasts out there that can pump you full of all sorts of quality and life bettering info. And heres the kicker, podcasts are FREE.

Podcast logos

What a time to be alive!

#4 Put your damn phone down.

Ok… we’re all guilty of it. Modern cell phones are highly advanced and sophisticated pieces of technology capable of taking studio quality photos, surfing the web at amazing speeds, sending messages across the planet in a matter of seconds, and most importantly recording funny videos of cats.

But it’s because of these reasons that a HUGE percentage of us are guilty of never putting our phones down and just enjoying life. Take a look at any social gathering between 14-25 year olds and you’ll see that all social interaction is basically dead. Without phones, these young kids might not be able to hold a conversation that lasts longer than 24 seconds.

Don’t let this be you. Enjoy the moment every now and then. Be present in the moment with your friends, kids, and loved ones. Your social media accounts will not collapse if they’re not monitored 24/7. You will not miss anything that big, we promise.

Set some time aside every day and deem that a ‘phone free time’. A good time slot to start with is an hour or two before bed as this will also help you sleep better due to less exposure to blue light.

You’d be shocked at how much time you spend mindlessly scrolling through your phone on any given day. Use this freed up time to do something productive!

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