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8 Crazy Nights…. More Like 8 Crazy Rounds of Metabolic Conditioning

Who doesn’t love the holiday season? It’s an amazing time of year to spend with friends and family, create memories, and unfortunately more often than not… pack on the pounds.

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But don’t you worry, because we’ve got a way to help you in that regard.

We put a little spin on the 8 crazy nights of Chanukah and replaced it with 8 crazy rounds of metabolic conditioning. TALK ABOUT A GOOD TIME!

This workout is guaranteed to help burn off all those extra calories coming in from delicious treats, homemade goodies, and whatever other deliciousness you’ll be indulging in this month.

Here’s the details.

You will complete 8 rounds of each exercise resting only after you’ve completed one full round. Each proceeding round, decrease each exercise by one rep. You’re done when you complete the last round, which consists of one rep of each exercise.

Try to use a single kettlebell for the entire circuit. The best way to find an appropriate weight is to pick a weight that will be challenging to row 8 times.

The workout:

  1. 8 kettlebell swings

  2. 8 goblet squats

  3. 8 reverse lunges

  4. 8 split stance single arm bent rows

  5. 8 pushup to shoulder taps

  6. 8 side plank hip flexes

  7. 8 deadbug crunches

  8. Rest, then repeat everything for 7 reps.

  9. Rest, then repeat everything for 6 reps.

  10. Repeat until 0 reps.

Here’s a video for all you visual earners.


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