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Bodyweight Movements You Should Be Able To Do

At Grit, we’re big believers in prioritizing getting stronger. Being stronger will make achieving any goal you have ten times easier, improve joint health, and improve aesthetics much more effectively than any other method on its own.

But what does it even mean to be strong?

We’re glad you asked!

All adults should be able to handle their own bodyweight in various movements before even worrying about any sort of external load like weights. Being ‘strong’ is a relative term for all individuals, but the following movements are nice ways of standardizing strength across the board regardless of your gender or size. A 200lb male might consider himself strong because he can deadlift his bodyweight for reps, but if he’s unable to perform a single leg squat, he might want to rethink his definition of ‘strong’.

Here are some bodyweight movements all adults should be able to do if they consider themselves strong and healthy.

#1. Strict Pushups