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How 2020 Helped Me Gain Insights To Effective Fat Loss

March 20, 2020.

That’s the date the governor of New Jersey ordered a shut down of the state to help flatten the curve of ever increasing COVID infections. This shut down forced all “non-essential” businesses, such as GRIT, to close it’s doors to the public for two weeks in an attempt to control the virus.

As we all know, two weeks morphed into three.

Which soon turned into four.

Before we knew it, the shutdown had reached an unthinkable length of close to 4 months.

Now it was during this time that many people either really honed in on their health and fitness… oooooor completely let it go to shit. In my experience of talking to clients since the state’s reopening, there typically was no middle ground. People either took control and starting driving the fitness bandwagon, or they fell off it completely, letting the wheels run over their limp, unmotivated bodies in the process.

But I’m here to tell you about my quarantine experience, the few months following it, and the insights I gained from it all.

So with GRIT shut down, my workload drastically decreased. Sure, I dabbled in some virtual