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How Going To Prison Can Help You See More Results In The Gym

Little known fact… I have served time behind bars. I’m not proud of it, but it’s a part of my life and I have to accept it. Those 3 years in D-block will forever be imprinted into my life’s story.

Pft… just kidding. I think the worst trouble I’ve ever been in was in 4th grade when I was sent to the principle’s office because a fight broke out and I just happened to be near it.


^ Actual footage of me during the fight.

The participants in the fight got a tongue lashing and a couple detentions, while I pretty much got off with no punishment because, well, I didn’t do anything. Lucky for THOSE kids because I watched a lot of Ninja Turtles growing up. I was essentially a certified assassin and registered weapon at that time.