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Looking To Make Big Changes In Your Health? Better Start Small

We all have daily routines.

Wake up, get pretty, commute, work, lunch, commute, kids, dinner, relax. Repeat.

Now it might vary from person to person, but a lot of us have one unfortunate thing in common. Our daily habits and overall lifestyles take a compounding toll on our health, stress, and waistlines over time. Yet perhaps the worst part of it all is that these negative changes occur in such small, consistent increments over the years that we barely notice them. That is, until one day you look in the mirror and say, “What in the HOLY HELL happened to me?!”

Your waistline has expanded several inches, posture has gotten worse, and your eyes have upgraded from having bags underneath them to a 3 piece luggage set.

“Enough is enough!” you say to yourself. “I need a change!” And with each word added to your motivation laden inner monologue, you vow to be better.

And it’s precisely at this point where most people start making goals and setting new standards for their lives in order to make positive changes. A fire has been lit and they are READY.