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Super Busy Working From Home? Take 10 Minutes For a Killer Workout

A ton of us are working from home right now with access to next to nothing in terms of gym equipment. Add on top of this kids, pets, spouses, and the stress of COVID-19 and workouts can fall pretty low on the list of priorities.

But that doesn’t mean they should fall off the map completely! Here’s a 10 minute workout that requires little space and zero equipment.

Remember, something is always better than nothing.

Run through each circuit once and try to get through as many rounds as possible in 10 minutes!

1. Lateral lunge series (quarter rep, full rep, paused rep)


Push-up to shoulder taps

Push-up to breakdancer

2. Forward to reverse lunge x5/side

Push-up to downward dog x5

3. Squat jump x5

Squat step out x5

Squat x5

Iso squat hold x5 seconds

Dodge any rogue babies and/or puppies that may interfere ??‍♂️

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