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The Staples That Create a Solid Home Gym

With the entire country still shut down due to the COVID-19 pandemic, working out from home has been the only option for a vast majority of people. And even with the proper knowledge and a decent amount of creativity, bodyweight workouts are often not challenging enough to see continued results for a lot of people. This is when an investment of a home gym pays off big time.

But too many people hear ‘home gym’ and automatically think of a fully stocked and dedicated room for exercise equipment that costs several thousand dollars. And while there are a few select individuals who do indeed have this setup, it’s far from necessary for most people. A solid home gym can often consist nothing more of a few key pieces of equipment that won’t destroy your wallet upon purchasing them. So if you’re debating adding a few key pieces of equipment to your home, here’s where to start.

Must have: 2 kettlebells

While you can achieve many quality workouts with just bodyweight, there will be a time and a place where a couple free weights will prove invaluable to help optimize your at home training sessions. Kettlebells fill this void nicely because of their versatility and simplicity. Why two? There will be certain exercises that require lighter weights, such as overhead presses, and then certain exercises you can go heavier with, such as squats or lunges.