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Why Most Diet Plans FAIL

Lots of things are good in theory. Like when they decided to release another Dumb and Dumber twenty years after the original came out. I mean, the original movie was comedy gold! Of course a sequel starring the same actors would be a huge success!

Except the sequel, to put it bluntly… sucked. While it had some success at the box office (probably from fans eager to relive some of the original laughs with a new twist), it did not receive positive ratings from a majority of critics and viewers.

Sure, the idea of having two comedic geniuses reprise their original roles seemed like a hilariously great idea at the time, but it just didn’t work out how everyone hoped. Good in theory, bad in practice.

Diet plans are no different.

Diet plans, in theory, sound so great. They take all the guess work out of everything. With a plan provided to you, you know what to eat, when to eat it, and how much to eat. How could you not see result following the plan?!